Château Duplessis

Our History

François Armand de Vignerot du Plessis

Cardinal Richelieu’s grandnephew was one of the most colourful characters of his time. He was a friend of Vol- taire’s and a notorious libertine, companion in debauchery of the regent Philippe d’Orléans (1715 - 1723). Having the favours of Louis XV, he became Maréchal and Superin- tendent of Trivial Pleasures to the king.

He became an staunch defender and advocate of Bordeaux wines a er being named Militay Govonor of Guyenne. When questioned by Louis XV on how he maintained his vigour as a lover, he said he owed it to Médoc wine and added wistfully : Don’t tell the King I am Maréchal de France (the highest military distinction at the time), he thinks I am a wine producer from Bordeaux».

Richelieu’s nightcap

At a time when Burgundy wines and Champagne wooed the palace of Versailles, Richelieu reversed the trend. He promoted the taste for wines from the peninsula and the produce of his vineyards in Moulis rapidly became known as «Richelieu’s nightcap».

Philippe Ferrier

e property was split in two at the end of the XIXth century, then bought around 1980 by Lucien Lurton. His daughter, Marie-Laure, ran it with enthusiasm making a beautifully structured wine with real potential for ageing. If the 1989 millesime is wonderfully open, the later years can be relied upon to re ect the work done. is is more a wine of rigour and structure than one of sensual curves.

Philippe Ferrier bought the property in 2015 and under- took a complete refurbishment of the Château, the fer- menting installations and the cellars as well as the harvest reception and processing installations.