28 Mars
LE FIGARO VIN 100 Châteaux you must know in Bordeaux. (Jean-François Chaigneau & Isabelle Spaak). Each Château has it’s wine and it’s history. In this book, Isabelle Spaak and Jean-François Chaigneau review the 100 most beautiful wine properties in Bordeaux, right bank and left bank alike, picked for the constant quality of their vintages, and for their influence in the history of wine making. The two authors take us on a savoury voyage from St Estèphe to Pomerol, full of amazing stories and facts. - Stéphane Reynaud - Château Duplessis Richelieu’s herbal tea. François Armand de Vignerot du Plessis was at once a friend of Voltaire’s and a notorious libertine (for what he was jailed in the Bastille), companion in debauchery of the regent Philippe d’Orléans, member of the Académie although he could hardly write, benefactor of the Bordeaux theatre and grand-nephew of Cardinal Richelieu. It is said that he cured the King Louis XV of «bowel languor» by recommending him to drink a glass of his Moulis wine. In those days, the aristocrats in Versailles indulged in Burgundy wine and Champagne. The miraculous beverage was soon known as «Richelieu’s herbal tea». In the late XIX century, the property was split in two and then again bought in 1980 by Lucien Lurton. His daughter Marie-Laure endeavoured to move the 23 hectare estate on clay and limestone land to integrated viticulture. If Merlot is predominant, all four grape types found in Bordeaux wines are used. Château Duplessis was sold to Philippe Ferrier in 2015, and earned the title of «Cru Bourgeois» the same year. 2015, A powerful, sun bathed vintage. A full fruity wine.